I am Christopher Smith, an agent with WNC Health Insurance in Asheville, North Carolina. I help individuals with health insurance and the transition to Medicare. I also assist small businesses create competitive benefit plans to attract and retain employees. 

I specailize in...

Multi Choice Health Plan Options for Small Employer Groups (companies with less than 50 employees). Why offer just one plan when you can offer five plans (or more) so employees can pick the level of beneifts that best suits their needs. I have the administration tools and expertise to help make this a seamless transition. 

Health Savings Accounts This is the only qualified savings plan that is tax free for contributions and distributions (for approved medical expenses). With the increasing cost of health care after age 65, Health Savings Accounts have become a crucial componenet of reitirement planning. A couple can save over $ 100,000 in income taxes by paying for medical expenses througout their  retirement from a well funded Health Savings Account instead of a taxable retirement account. 

Authorized Agent


I am Christopher Smith, an agent with WNC Health Insurance located in Asheville, North Carolina. I help individuals, families, and business owners throughout North Carolina procure life, health and disability insurance policies. 



Individual Health Insurance I have been assisting individuals and families enroll in ACA Health Plans since the fall of 2013. I can help you determine your eligibility for a subsidy and decide which plan is right for you. The Open Enrollment Period is from November 1 - December 15. During the Open Enrollment Period, you can apply for coverage or change your plan for 2021. If you have experienced a Qualifying Life Event outside of the Open Enrollment Period (i.e. losing your employer health plan, just moved to North Carolina, are getting married, having a baby, etc.), you may qualify for a Special Enrollment. Contact me for details. 

Medicare I can help you find the most appropriate supplemental coverage to Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B and help you make sense of Medicare Part D. 


Christopher Smith